Image of Captain Martha on the Lady Go Diver 46' Newton Dive Boat

Martha has been part of the DXDIVERS crew since 2010!

It’s about time we highlight one of the longest standing members of the DXD crew.

During her over 12 year tenure, Martha has been an invaluable member as a scuba instructor, boat captain, and specifically, the designated scuba camp instructor.

Martha has been teaching our DXD Summer Scuba Camp since 2013!

To date, Martha has instructed over 40 scuba camp sessions teaching well over 160 kids to become certified scuba divers!

Keep reading to learn more about Martha, how she got into scuba, and her love for her “office”.

BS - Before Scuba

Martha Lenoir-Beachem is originally from Mississippi, where she spent her formative years until she went to Louisiana for college at Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU).

Not many people know that Martha went to SLU on a basketball scholarship, even winning a national championship during her time.

She completed her degree at SLU, earning her bachelor’s in kinesiological science, also known as health, physical education, and coaching, according to Martha.

After graduating from college, Martha moved to Georgia where she worked at the Atlanta Falcon’s Health Club.

There, she managed the health club and taught racquetball lessons.

This health club served over 2000 people at the time and gave Martha her second dose of teaching experience.

Teaching racquetball was followed by her first teaching gig during high school, teaching skills at basketball camp to over 700 children as a camp counselor!

While she worked there, Martha continued embracing her athleticism and competitiveness and became extremely good at racquetball, winning the Women’s Racquetball Open.

After going undefeated for 2 years, she ranked as the #1 woman in racquetball in Georgia 2 years in a row!

On the side, Martha started working on boats, cleaning the deck, varnishing, and getting familiar with all the ins and outs at her local marina on a lake.

This side gig opened up her eyes to a life on the water.

Shortly after, Martha met her late husband who owned and operated a houseboat and motorboat manufacturing company in Georgia.

Together, she and her husband took numerous trips to the Bahamas and Florida, so Martha decided it was time for her to get her 100 ton captain’s license.

And so it began.

Starting at Dixie Divers

Martha had been coming back and forth between Georgia and Florida since the ‘90s.

After a few years of living between Georgia and Florida, Martha decided to ditch colder weather for good and move to Florida full-time.

In 2010, she made the move permanent. She always loved the water, being in the warmth, it was a no-brainer.

One day, Martha stopped by Dixie Divers to ask about any part-time captain positions.

She was quickly thrown into the mix of captains on the Lady Go Diver and fit in with the crew immediately.

It’s important to note Martha got Open Water certified in 2000.

Funny enough, Martha was actually certified by our very own Captain John LaFlair!

In 2012, she earned her PADI Advanced Open Water certification.

Within 6 months, Martha worked her way from PADI AOW all the way to PADI Open Water Instructor.

Today, Martha is a certified Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) and has been teaching scuba for the past 10 years!

Her true calling came in 2013 with the first ever Dixie Divers Summer Scuba Camp.

DXD Summer Scuba Camp

What is scuba camp you ask?

It’s a week-long summer camp open to children aged 10-17 years old, who want to become scuba divers.

DXDIVERS offers both Open Water Summer Scuba Camps and Advanced Open Water Scuba Camps.

Not only do the children earn either their PADI Open Water or Advanced Open Water certifications, they will also earn their Emergency First Responder and First Aid certification.

These certifications teach the student how to perform primary and secondary care including CPR, first aid, how to use an AED, and emergency response protocol.

The sessions alternate each week throughout the summer, with a maximum of 8 children per session.

Summer camp is in session from 8am to 4pm each day, Monday through Friday.

This is a perfect way for kids to get scuba certified, meet other kids who dive, and keep them busy over break!

Plus - your child will be scuba certified for life!

What an incredible childhood memory to say you had access to the underwater world…

Martha likes to tell all her students:

“75% of the world is water, right? Well only 10% of the world is scuba certified. That means you’re doing what 90% of the world is scared to do!”

Martha is all about empowering the children to go at their own pace and encouraging them to speak up if there’s something they don’t understand or doesn’t feel right.

On the first day of each class, Martha writes her personal cell phone up on the whiteboard and she asks the students to write it down in their course books.

She encourages the students and parents to call or text her with any questions or concerns they may have, not only throughout the course, but throughout their scuba journey beyond the course.

Summer Scuba Camp would not be what it is without Martha’s incredible instruction, effort, and care!

“It’s very rewarding to see the kids light up when you show them the scuba gear the first day. My favorite day of the week is when I take them on their first dive. Their eyes get huge and light up as they descend for the first time, they realize it’s not so scary after all! This is why I do what I do.”

The Many Hats Martha Wears

Like we mentioned before…

Martha has been with DXDIVERS since 2010…

That’s over 12 years!

She has also been doing the Summer Scuba Camp since its inception in 2013…

That’s 9 years of Summer Scuba Camps!

We have yet to mention the fact that Martha is a business owner!

She owns her own Gondola ride and tour company based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL - the Venice of America!

If you’re interested in booking your own tour on Martha’s gondola, check out the website and give them a call: Las Olas Gondola

It’s a great way to announce an engagement, celebrate a birthday, show visitors the area, or experience a romantic gondola cruise!

If you would like to learn more about the Summer Scuba Camp, check out the links below:

Open Water Summer Scuba Camp

Advanced Open Water Summer Scuba Camp

Martha’s favorite quotes:

“Boat hair, don’t care.”


“My compass always points towards the beach.”

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve had the pleasure of diving with Martha either on the boat as she drove or in the water!

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