3 Reasons You Need to Read the New DXDIVERS Blog

To bring even more diving into your life, we present to you… “THE DROP”!

Why “The Drop”? Because it’s all about the drop, baby! And because if you’re ever on the Lady Go Diver, when divers come up with their limit or good catch, everyone says…

It’s all about the drop!

Thanks to our amazing crew of captains and divemasters, we hear this often.

When we can’t bring you to the drop, we bring “The Drop” to you!

Whether you’re reading on your phone, laptop, or iPad, we want to make reading about diving as close to the next best thing - actually going on a dive.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to read The Drop:

  1. Get in-depth knowledge on a variety of diving topics
  2. Possibility for “buried treasure” while you’re reading
  3. Keep your finger on the pulse of your favorite dive community

1. Get in-depth knowledge on a variety of diving topics

Ever wanted to know what taking a professional PADI (PADI PRO) course with us was like?

You want to hunt lionfish, but don’t know where to start?

What about going on a night dive on the Lady Go Diver?

Safety questions? Children and scuba diving?

Do you have questions about scuba gear?

What about technical diving?

Or freediving?

We’re going to cover these topics and much more here on “The Drop”.

It feels like we should yell it every time you read it…


If you have a specific topic in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can cover it.

2. Possibility for “buried treasure” while you’re reading

We know you love diving so much, you don’t need a reason to read more about it. But what if reading “The Drop” was just as good for your wallet as it was for your soul?

Alright, that might be a reach. Still…

Keep reading as you may find hidden deals and promotions you can’t find anywhere else. Like this one here: use THEDROP22 for 10% off the entire website1 - exclusions apply.

We know your time is valuable and we appreciate you taking the time to read our blog.

3. Keep your finger on the pulse of your favorite dive community

If diving isn’t an option, there’s nothing better than connecting with your favorite community online. We want to bring that tiny luxury to your favorite device.

We hope this blog will serve as your source of entertainment and deep dive into all things diving.

Whether it's scuba diving, freediving, technical diving, wreck diving, destination diving… you name it, we have something in the works for you.

Unable to make one of our events or want to know what they're like? Look out for recap posts where you may even see some pictures of people you know!

We’ll cover your favorite DXD instructor’s gear setup so you can emulate some of the greats.

Check your email inbox for the newest blog posts right here on dxdivers.com.

For now... Happy diving!


It’s all about “The Drop”!

1Promo code excludes the following brands or products: Brownie's Third Lung products, PADI courses and materials, fills, fill cards, trips, trip cards.

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