To bring the joys of scuba diving, freediving, tech diving, spearfishing, snorkeling, and ocean conservation to a million people.



DXDIVERS is first and foremost dedicated to your safety. Having fun is natural when it comes to diving and underwater sports, but that’s not to say it cannot be done without the proper safety measures and policies. We provide ongoing training and refreshers to ensure our community feels safe and no one enters the ocean without having been diving in the past year. This is just one of the many ways DXDIVERS keeps your safety and those around you in mind.


Our most precious resources are oceans, springs, and bodies of water. Without these water sources diving and associated hobbies would cease to exist. We hope we can share the love of diving with generations to come. That’s why conservation is so important to us. Join us for our many events, including the Annual Pier Clean-up, where we collect debris to make the ocean a more inhabitable place for all!


We understand that starting a new sport or with a new dive shop is intimidating. DXDIVERS is focused on cultivating a caring community that is clear about our expectations and our process for all services such as courses, repairs, and boat charters. We take pride in the fact that what you see is what you get. You won’t be charged unnecessary fees out of the blue. We cherish the time you have chosen to spend with us and do not take that lightly.

Dixie Divers first opened its doors in Fort Piece, Florida in 1976, getting its start as a franchise. In 1986, the Deerfield Beach location was opened up in the Cove Shopping Plaza. Shortly after, the franchise dissipated, leaving a few stand-alone stores in its wake. 

It wasn’t until November 1997 when Arilton Pavan and his wife Sonia, decided to purchase Dixie Divers of Deerfield Beach. Pavan and his wife Sonia are originally from Santa Catarina, Brazil and had dreamt of owning their own business to pursue the American Dream. 

Pavan focused on the educational elements of the PADI curricula and made sure to rapidly gain the title as a “PADI Five-Star Dive Center” and later as a “PADI Five-Star Instructor Development Center”. The dive boat, Lady Go Diver, entered the scene in late 2004 debuting as a Burpee 48. Dixie Divers became the first and only dive shop in South Florida to own it’s charter boat as well as the retail store and has maintained that title to this day.


Dixie Divers was instrumental in making the use of Nitrox legal? We helped make history in 1999, making it possible for instructors, scuba divers and commercial divers to use Nitrox. Check out the link below for more information.

OSHA Nitrox Proposal with Dixie Divers

Ocean conservation became one of the most important values of the business. In 2004, the first Annual Pier Clean Up was held, an event where the 24/7 Deerfield Beach Fishing Pier would close down for 4 hours to allow divers to dive under the pier to collect fishing debris such as monofilament line, lead weights, lures and other litter that had negatively impacted the marine life below the surface. 

The Annual Pier Clean Up put Deerfield Beach on the map for dive destinations and eventually evolved into a weekend-long event where the pier remains closed for nearly 24 hours to conduct a special night dive the night before the big event. 



In June of 2019, Dixie Divers coordinated the Largest Underwater Clean-up and brought home a Guinness Book of World Record title to Deerfield Beach! 

633 divers walked into the ocean to collect debris from the pier and place it in buckets that were hanging off the pier. With the help of volunteers to hoist up those heavy buckets, 1465 pounds of trash were pulled out of the ocean that day. 

Breakdown of collected debris:

  • Half ton of lead
  • 52lbs of wood
  • 161 pounds of fishing line
  • 104lbs of metal 
  • 102lbs of miscellaneous debris 

For a total of 1465 pounds of total collected debris! 

Join us for the Annual Pier Cleanup on Deerfield Beach that takes place every June!