As an authorized dealer and service department for several brands, we offer a range of services completed by our certified technician. We are stocked with repair kits for annual overhauls and will order parts if needed.

Gear service turnaround is usually 10 days but can be up to 14 days during busy times such as Mini Season.

If your gear needs further servicing or parts, we will contact you for your approval. Our top priority is to make sure your gear keeps you safe while providing a transparent experience with us.

After your gear has been serviced, one of our store associates will go over what was done, hook it up to a tank and check with you to make sure everything is working to your satisfaction.

Old parts are attached to your service tag so you can tangibly see what has been done. We guarantee each serviced item for 90 days. If for any reason the item does not perform to your satisfaction, we will fix the issue at no additional charge.

servicing a scubapro fifth generation alternate airsource at dixie divers in deerfield beach florida

$179.99 - Overhual Apeks/Scubapro

$149.99 - Overhaul Non-Apeks/Scubapro

$99.99 - Overhaul Apeks/Scubapro (*registered parts for life)

$69.99 - Overhaul Aqualung (*registered parts for life)

$69.99 - Overhaul First Stage Only

$69.99 - Overhaul Air Source

$50 - Overhaul BCD

$50 - O2 Cleaning Regulator

$40 - Overhaul Air Source (*registered parts for life)

$40 - Overhaul Second Stage Only

$25 - Battery & Installation

$50 - Rush Service Fee