Each year, we replace our rental fleet with all new scuba gear from reputable brands to ensure you’re renting quality, safe gear on each dive. Every November, our rental fleet is serviced by our certified technician and we put it on sale.

Our BCDs are weight integrated and each regulator comes with an octopus and computer. This year, we have Aqua Lung scuba gear: Axiom BCDs, Core regulators, DXDivers octopuses and i300 computers.

If your gear needs further servicing or parts, we will contact you for your approval. Our top priority is to make sure your gear keeps you safe while providing a transparent experience with us.

Rentals are for 24 hours.

dixie divers tank dive gear authorized service center

$.50 - Weight per Pound

$10 - Dive Flag & Float Rental

$10 - Mask & Snorkel

$15 - Mask, Fins & Snorkel

$14 - Air Tank

$16 - Nitrox Tank

$20 - BCD

$20 - Regulator w/ Dive Computer

$20 - Wetsuit

$35 - Doubles Air Tanks

$40- Doubles Nitrox Tanks

$40 - Doubles Wing