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apeks diving aluminum back plate for web harnesses apeks diving stainless steel backplates for web harnesses
APEKS Apeks Backplate
Sale priceFrom $209.00
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Apeks Black Ice BCDApeks Black Ice BCD
APEKS Apeks Black Ice BCD
Sale price$749.00
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Apeks Tek 3 Doubles/Sidemount Regulator Set
Apeks Tungsten XTX200 RegulatorApeks Tungsten XTX200 Regulator
Apeks VX1 Scuba Diving MaskApeks VX1 Scuba Diving Mask
APEKS Apeks VX1 Scuba Diving Mask
Sale priceFrom $179.00
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Apeks WTX WingApeks WTX Wing
APEKS Apeks WTX Wing
Sale priceFrom $455.00
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apeks diving wtx-d ultralight backplate harness front viewapeks diving wtx-d ultralight backplate harness rear view
apeks diving ocea xl4 regulator set gray first and second stage regulatorapeks diving ocea xl4 regulator set mint first and second stage regulator
APEKS Apeks XL4 Ocea Regulator
Sale price$699.00
Apeks XL4 Second Stage Only
Apeks XL4+ RegulatorApeks XL4+ Regulator
APEKS Apeks XL4+ Regulator
Sale price$619.00
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Apeks XTX40/DS4 Nitrox DIN RegulatorApeks XTX40/DS4 Nitrox DIN Regulator
Apeks XTX40/DS4 RegulatorApeks XTX40/DS4 Regulator
APEKS Apeks XTX40/DS4 Regulator
Sale priceFrom $529.00
Apeks XTX50 Octopus
APEKS Apeks XTX50 Octopus
Sale price$345.00
Apeks XTX50 RegulatorApeks XTX50 Regulator
APEKS Apeks XTX50 Regulator
Sale price$729.00
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Aqua Lung ABS Octopus Regulator
Aqua Lung Atlantis Scuba Diving Mask
Aqua Lung Axiom BCDAqua Lung Axiom BCD
AQUA LUNG Aqua Lung Axiom BCD
Sale price$649.00
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Aqua Lung Core Octopus Regulator
aqua lung core package includes aqua lung axiom bcd, core regulator, abs octopus regulator, and i330r 2 gauge consoleAqua Lung Core Package
Aqua Lung Aqua Lung Core Package
Sale price$1,929.00
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Aqua Lung i300C 2 Gauge Imperial Dive ComputerAqua Lung i300C 2 Gauge Imperial Dive Computer
Aqua Lung i330R Wrist Dive ComputerAqua Lung i330R Wrist Dive Computer
Aqua Lung i470TC Dive ComputerAqua Lung i470TC Dive Computer
Aqua Lung i550C Dive ComputerAqua Lung i550C Dive Computer
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