Destination Diving: Travel and Dive Abroad the DXDIVERS Way

You may have heard of destination weddings…

But what about destination diving?

In 2021, DXDIVERS began offering regularly scheduled diving trips abroad.

As of September 2022, we have gone to Freeport, Bahamas, Cozumel twice, Bimini, Bonaire… and we’re just getting started!

This December, we are offering our first liveaboard trip in the Galapagos!

We’re going back to Cozumel for the third time in October.

Bimini for the annual hammerhead shark migration, shark lovers, you won’t want to miss this one!

Stay tuned as we plan even more dive trips abroad…

We’re talking bucket list dive trips like Fiji…

Cayman Brac already scheduled for August 2023…

A Red Sea liveaboard, St. Croix, Tiger Beach Bahamas liveaboard, and Cocos Island!

Keep reading to learn more about how we do dive trips abroad and how you can join us!

Get Started

There’s a trip that’s calling your name…

One thing to know is where to find our current trips abroad.

Visit our website, at the top of the navigation hover over the “Travel/Events” tab, and click “Dive Travel Trips”.

There you will find all the upcoming trips with more details about each one.

In order to secure your spot, you will need to provide a trip deposit.

For most trips, the deposit is $500…

This is with the exception of the Galapagos Liveaboard trip this December, where the trip deposit is $1,500.

Deposits will vary depending on the type of trip.

Secure your spot easily by making your deposit through this website.

Make a trip deposit here

You can even use ShopPay to make monthly payments.

With your deposit, you automatically receive the DXDIVERS performance shirt made especially for the trip.

Once your deposit is made, a trip leader will reach out to you with further details and next steps.

We want to stress that these dive trips are open to divers and non-divers alike!

Rates vary and can be found on each trip page on the website.

Trip Leader: Michelle

If you have ever visited our shop in Deerfield Beach, you undoubtedly have run into Michelle.

Michelle is a PADI instructor, technical diver, and one of the managing partners at DXDIVERS.

Her passion for travel and scuba diving came together during her college years in Texas.

Since Texas doesn’t have optimal dive sites nearby, Michelle working with her local dive shop, took the initiative to plan her own dive trips abroad…

Frequenting places like Mexico and the Caribbean.

Not only has Michelle visited these dive sites and locations on various trips, she has a knack for planning successful trips and events.

Two you may have heard of this year is the Deerfield Beach Annual Pier Clean-up and the first ever DXDIVERS Pompano Pier Clean-up.

Michelle knows how to plan the perfect combination of diving, down time, and fun excursions - the perfect recipe for an epic dive trip.

Not to mention, Michelle is also a prolific photographer, you may even end the trip with some professional grade underwater images by the end of your trip!

Upgrades and Add-ons

The standard room situation when you place your deposit is a double occupancy room.

Meaning, a room with two queen sized beds where two people share a room.

Michelle does a great job of pairing divers and adhering to preferences.

Of course, if double occupancy doesn’t work for you, we do have room upgrade options.

These upgrades will depend on your chosen trip, but we wanted to let you know the options available.

The option to upgrade the room’s view is also available!

Dive upgrades vary between each trip, but are available so you can amplify your adventure.

For the Cozumel trip, upgrade to the unlimited diving package and/or add on a night dive.

More upgrades include: cenote diving, jeep tours, mayan ruin tours…

We typically run the Cozumel trip every six months.

And in Cozumel we get free nitrox for everyone!

For the Bimini Hammerhead trip, add on a hammerhead safari, an additional hammerhead dive.

You can also add a night dive, bull shark cage dive, and reef shark dive.

Typically, night dives are an option for most destinations.

The option to upgrade to nitrox is available depending on the location.

Join Us on Our Next Trip!

Keep in mind that rental gear is not always included in the price for our dive trips abroad.

However, there’s usually a discounted rate to add gear for the time you will be diving.

The best way to get around renting gear is to invest in a portable or travel dive set.

Many brands offer a BCD and regulator set combination specifically for the travel diver.

Some brands even have a set of travel fins!

Scuba Pro’s Hydros Pro is a modular harness/BCD that fits neatly into a backpack with your regulator!

Aqua Lung’s Zuma BCD is lightweight and compact, packing easily into your checked bag or your personal item.

And did you know that divers who sign up for trips abroad get automatic discounts on gear?

Ask Michelle for more details!

Let’s get you that passport stamp and make memories that will last a lifetime - the DXDIVERS way!

If you have any questions, others may have them too, drop them below!

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