Wreck Dimensions: 107ft Long by 26ft wide

The Okinawa is one of the newest additions to Shipwreck Park in Pompano Beach, FL as of 2021 after being sunk in 2017. Shipwreck Park is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting art with ocean conservation. is a unique underwater cultural arts park with rotating underwater art exhibits. The Okinawa is the 18th artificial reef to be added to the Shipwreck Park exhibit. Okinawa was previously commissioned as an Army Tug, 107 feet long and 26.6 feet wide, displacing 350 tons when loaded. This massive ship was sold by the Army in 2003 and purchased by Shipwreck Park Inc. and Finlandia Vodka. Local artist Dennis McDonald worked on the Okinawa before its sinking, turning it into a dive bar named “Midnight Sun”, a name chosen by Finlandia for their large financial contribution to the project. This underwater dive bar features a mermaid holding a mirrored globe to remind us we are all responsible for protecting the ocean.