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The Cressi Patrol BC is a lightweight rear inflation buoyancy compensator device designed for comfort and durability. It features a special air cell compression strap for quick deflation and volume control, as well as a rigid back plate with an integrated carrying handle for stability. The BC includes Cressi's Flat-Lock-Aid integrated weight system for easy weight release and has 3 overpressure relief valves for added safety. It also comes with optional tank band trim weight pockets, a roll-up cargo pocket, plastic D-rings for reduced weight, and adjustable harness straps for a customized fit. The BC uses a rear inflation design with a 420-Denier nylon air cell and is equipped with Cressi's Commando Power Inflator for reliable and easy inflation.

The Cressi Compact Pro is the ultimate travel regulator, offering top-notch performance in a compact and lightweight design. The second stage is crafted from non-corrosive, lightweight techno-polymers, ensuring comfort and eliminating jaw fatigue. Its compact form minimizes drag and weight underwater. The downstream demand valve mechanism channels air to the mouthpiece, enhancing performance through the venturi evalve. It also features a flow deviator for dive/pre-dive adjustment and a large soft purge cover for easy clearing. The patented cam tilt reduces initial inspiratory effort, and the polished Teflon disc and pivot system eliminate cam-disc friction. Metal particles embedded in the second stage body improve thermal conductivity, preventing freezing in cold environments. The balanced MC9 SC first stage is environmentally sealed to protect internal parts from contaminants. It features innovative internal air passages and an assist chamber for optimal performance at all depths.

The Compact Second-Stage Octo is built with a durable housing made from non-corrosive hi-tech polymers. It features a reliable downstream demand valve mechanism with a low-friction lever. The design of the valve channels air to the mouthpiece through injection, creating a venturi effect that enhances performance. Additionally, the second stage includes a flow deviator that affects the venturi effect and offers dive/pre-dive adjustment. The presence of a large soft purge cover makes clearing the second stage easy, and it is equipped with a comfortable silicone mouthpiece for a pleasant diving experience.

The Cressi Donatello Dive Computer is a versatile instrument with a high-contrast display, large numbers, and an easy-access menu. It offers a 12/24-hour clock time format with a calendar and a powerful backlight for low-light and night diving. The computer provides essential dive information such as surface time, desaturation, and a no-fly time calculator. It also features a low battery indicator and can be set for either imperial or metric units of measurement. The Donatello is equipped with the Cressi-Wienke RGBM algorithm for comprehensive dive data processing. It can be configured for both air and nitrox diving with a PPO2 range of 1.2 to 1.6 bar. The computer supports oxygen mixes from 21% to 50% and includes a graphic indicator of CNS toxicity levels, safety stop alerts, and customizable safety factor settings. It can be adjusted for altitude diving up to 12,140 feet (3,700 meters) and features an algorithm for managing uncontrolled ascents. Additional features include time visualization during dives, the ability to add/remove deep stops, alarms for ascent speed, decompression, or PPO2 breaches, and the option to disable ascent alarms. The Donatello also offers a planning scroll function for no-decompression limits, a maximum dive depth alarm, and a total reset function for rental use. This dive computer is suitable for repeated, multiday decompression dives.

The Cressi Mini Global Pressure Gauge has a luminescent dial that reads from 0 to 5000 psi (0 to 350 bars). Gauge face is divided into different colored zones for at-a-glance monitoring of air the area from 0 to 600 psi (0 to 50 bars) and is highlighted in red with a solid bar and red stripes. Large circular easy-to-read scale.


  • Package includes: BCD, First Stage, Second Stage and the Donatello 2-gauge console.
  • Complete System
  • Weight Integrated Back Inflator Style BCD
  • Travel Roller Gear Bag
  • Large, easy to read screen/gauge


  • Two Year Limited Warranty