Celebrating Scubapro's 60th: A Look at the Anniversary Edition MK25 EVO/S620Ti Black Tech Carbon Regulator

Celebrating Scubapro's 60th: A Look at the Anniversary Edition MK25 EVO/S620Ti Black Tech Carbon Regulator

Scubapro, an iconic name in the world of scuba diving, is celebrating its 60th anniversary. And what better way to commemorate six decades of diving excellence than with a limited edition regulator? Enter the Anniversary Edition MK25 EVO/S620Ti Black Tech Carbon Regulator, a testament to Scubapro's dedication to innovation, performance, and style.

A Brief Dive into Scubapro's History

Founded in 1963, Scubapro has been a trailblazer in the dive industry, introducing divers to a world of underwater exploration with top-notch equipment. From the early days of simple snorkels and fins to today’s advanced dive computers and regulators, Scubapro's commitment to quality has never wavered.

MK25 EVO/S620Ti Black Tech Carbon: At a Glance

This special edition regulator isn't just a tribute piece; it embodies the pinnacle of Scubapro's design and engineering efforts. Here are its notable features:

  1. MK25 EVO First Stage: Recognized for its exceptional flow performance and stability in any diving condition, the MK25 EVO is an air-balanced flow-through piston design that delivers consistent and effortless airflow.

  2. S620Ti Second Stage: A smaller and lighter version of the renowned S600, the S620Ti merges top-tier performance with reduced work of breathing. The titanium barrel and other lightweight materials mean durability without the added weight.

  3. Black Tech Coating: Offering more than just aesthetics, this unique coating provides extra protection from saltwater and corrosion, ensuring the longevity of the regulator.

  4. Carbon Fiber Front Cover: A nod to both modern design and functionality, the carbon fiber front cover is both robust and lightweight.

Why Dive Enthusiasts are Buzzing About This Anniversary Edition

  • Performance: The combination of the MK25 EVO first stage and S620Ti second stage ensures a smooth breathing experience, even in the harshest conditions. Divers can be confident in the regulator's performance at varying depths and temperatures.

  • Design: Its sleek black tech finish and carbon fiber detailing make it a stylish piece, reflecting Scubapro's 60 years of design evolution.

  • Durability: The titanium and carbon components don’t just reduce weight; they enhance the regulator's resilience to corrosion and general wear and tear.

  • Limited Edition: As a 60th-anniversary piece, this regulator will undoubtedly be a collector's item for Scubapro enthusiasts and dive gear collectors alike.

Embodying the Spirit of Scubapro

This special edition regulator encapsulates the essence of Scubapro's journey. The MK25 EVO/S620Ti Black Tech Carbon Regulator isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a symbol of 60 years of diving passion, innovation, and commitment to the diving community. It tells the story of countless dives, underwater adventures, and the eternal human quest to explore the uncharted.

Moreover, this regulator is a testament to Scubapro's forward-thinking approach. Even as they celebrate the past, they're looking ahead, incorporating modern materials like carbon fiber and titanium to meet the demands of today's divers.


The Anniversary Edition MK25 EVO/S620Ti Black Tech Carbon Regulator is more than just a diving apparatus; it's a tribute to Scubapro's legacy. For those lucky enough to own this piece, it will serve as a reminder of the adventures of the past and the exciting possibilities of the future.

As Scubapro embarks on another decade in the dive industry, their dedication to producing only the best equipment remains unwavering. The next time you take a dive, whether it’s with this limited edition regulator or another piece of Scubapro equipment, remember the history and passion that drives this iconic brand. Dive safe and explore the wonders below!

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