ZooKeeper: Protecting our Oceans One Lionfish at a Time

If you haven’t noticed, we’re really into lionfish education and hunting.

For good reason, lionfish are wreaking havoc on our local reefs.

If this is your first time hearing about lionfish, you can read all about them on our species spotlight blog here.

We go into depth about the lionfish, how it got here, and what we’re doing about it.

The long and short of it is that there are many theories on how the fish got to be in our local waters…

They’re an invasive species with no native predators…

And their meal of choice is baby reef fish.

So if you’ve noticed not too many large reef fish hanging around underwater, now you know why.

Lionfish ZooKeeper is on a mission…

The future of lionfish ends with ZooKeeper!

Mission & Commitment

In addition to creating a lionfish containment unit to safely remove the fish from the reef…

ZooKeeper is committed to supporting conservation projects…

Scientific studies…

And promoting the assault on lionfish.

The ZooKeeper team is also passionate about debris clean-ups and the overall protection of the underwater environment.

The individuals of team ZooKeeper are dedicated to the following personal commitments:

  • Minding our carbon footprint and reducing energy consumption
  • Making safe, sustainable seafood choices
  • Using fewer plastic products
  • Helping take care of the beach
  • Not purchasing items that exploit marine life
  • Being an ocean-friendly pet owner
  • Supporting organizations working to protect the ocean
  • If you can’t tell, Team ZooKeeper is full of ocean lovers looking to protect this precious resource.
  • Next, we’ll discuss the device that made lionfish hunting easier than ever.

Lionfish Containment Unit

Now we all know about the destruction that lionfish are causing to our local reefs…

But before you go lionfish hunting for the first time, you should know those suckers have venomous spines.

Venomous, not poisonous.

Lionfish use their needle-like spines to deliver this venom…

How do you collect lionfish without getting stung?


Made in the USA, this PVC tube is the safest way to harvest lionfish.

This puncture proof containment unit comes with a slotted funnel so you can easily put the lionfish on the spear into the unit.

Not only for lionfish harvesting…

Use the containment unit to collect debris you see while you’re diving.

The ZooKeeper lionfish containment units come in 4 different sizes by height:

10 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches

You can also get them in different colors.

Get it clear or vinyl wrapped!

We carry all the different iterations of the ZooKeeper as well as pole spear, spear holders, and reusable heat packs for stings.

Find all ZooKeeper products here.

Just make sure you get yours and start taking lionfish from the reefs!

Events & Community

Based on all that we covered thus far, you can tell ZooKeeper is more than just a brand that makes a lionfish containment unit…

They are committed to this colossal issue that is threatening our marine environment.

It’s not enough to have a passionate team of divers…

It’s critical to get the local community involved.

That’s why the members of team ZooKeeper spend a lot of their free time participating in lionfish derbies and learning more about lionfish.

ZooKeeper regularly sponsors events like lionfish derbies where people come together to eradicate as many invasive lionfish as possible.

These events are mostly in Florida and the Caribbean - the regions most affected by the invasive lionfish.

Here at DXDIVERS, we regularly hold about 4 derbies a year.

With the introduction of the PADI Invasive Lionfish Tracker course, we have been able to combine the course with derbies to give students a hands-on experience.


ZooKeeper is a company dedicated to ridding the invasive lionfish from our local reefs.

They are a Florida based business with products made here in the USA.

Besides lionfish eradication, debris collection is something they’re also passionate about.

The Lionfish Containment Unit is their proprietary lionfish harvesting device, allowing you to collect lionfish without getting stung.

ZooKeeper sponsors and participates in many lionfish derbies, to remove as many lionfish from the reefs as possible.

Find ZooKeeper products here.

Find the Invasive Lionfish Tracker course here.

Learn more about derbies here.

Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions about ZooKeeper or lionfish hunting, drop them in the comments below!

Until then…

Happy diving!

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