“Going Pro” Series: Interview with Divemaster Sol Yoder

Introducing the new series “Going Pro” at DXDivers.

This is our new interview series that will dive into the minds of the people that chose to bring their scuba diving knowledge and experience to the next level…

Pursuing PADI Professional levels of Divemaster and beyond!

Sol first started at DXDivers in summer of 2019, mainly working on the sales floor and assisting customers…

All while getting acclimated to all the scuba gear we offer, and the dive industry as a whole.

When Sol started with us, she was a PADI Open Water Diver and quickly earned certifications until ultimately deciding to “go pro” and take the PADI Divemaster course.

Aside from scuba diving, she is also an avid freediver and has completed the PADI Freediver course with one of our own instructors.

Sol graduated from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in December 2020, earning her Bachelor of Science degree in biology.

This particular interview was done in early 2020 - Sol has since become a PADI Open Water Instructor and has some pretty incredible experiences under her belt!

In January 2021, Sol ventured to Ecuador to take part in an internship at the Galapagos.

Now, she’s working with the Coral Restoration Foundation in Key Largo as a diver and researcher!

Join us in learning more about the Divemaster course with Sol Yoder!


Q: What originally got you into scuba diving?

A: My dad got my brother and I the PADI open water course for christmas when I was 18. My dad used to scuba dive so he wanted to get us into it. My brother ended up not finishing the course but I went on to complete it through a dive shop in Sarasota. I actually went diving for the first time in lakes and the springs in Northwestern Florida. I didn’t dive in the ocean until I moved to the east coast for college. Moving to Boca for college changed my life!

Q: Why did you decide to take the PADI Divemaster course?

A: I knew I wanted to take more courses when I finished my Open Water course. When I moved to Boca, I started working at Dixie Divers and I was instantly inspired. I was inspired by all the PADI professionals that work at Dixie. Right away, I decided to take Advanced Open Water and Rescue back-to-back. As soon as I finished those classes, I wanted to take Divemaster right away. I talked to a few of the professionals and they encouraged me to get some more dives in to gain experience, which I did. After that, Course Director Charles told me I should take the Divemaster course and I took that as a green light - I was so ready!

Q: What was your favorite part of the course?

A: My favorite part was assisting instructors with open water classes and evaluating students as they do the different Open Water skills. Having a role within the teaching portion of the class felt like a big step in my process.

Q: What is the most valuable piece of information you learned during the course?

A: I think the most valuable piece of information was learning the conservation principles that PADI teaches. For instance, knowing when it’s safe to go dive instead of diving in any condition just because you want to. Also, learning to pay the most attention to the diver with the least amount of experience. It humbled me to realize just how responsible I am for the lives of others.

Q: Which course has been your favorite thus far?

A: Rescue! Definitely my favorite course because you anticipate problems and you never know what could happen. The instructors put you through so many scenarios to prepare you for anything that can come up. It’s definitely a more intense class than Advanced [Open Water] and there’s an element of surprise that makes it really fun.

Q: For those who are on the fence, would you recommend that they take the PADI Divemaster course? Why or why not?

A: Depends why they’re on the fence. If it’s about the money, I say do it! If you love scuba diving this course allows you to learn so much and gain even more experience. If you’re hesitant because of lack of experience, my recommendation is definitely go on some more dives and make sure you’re comfortable before doing Divemaster.

Q: What’s the most important thing a diver can have?

A: I think it’s enthusiasm and respect for the ocean. I think it’s important to enjoy the ocean and realize we are visitors and not dominators.

Q: Outside of scuba, what are some of your other hobbies?

A: I like to practice yoga, at least once a week. I love to travel and freedive. I also love hanging out with my girlfriends and specifically going out for oysters, it’s all about self-care.

Q: What do you plan to do with scuba now that you have the Divemaster course completed?

A: Now that I’m done with the Divemaster course, I plan to move onto IDC (Instructor Development Course) here at DXDivers. I mainly want to become an instructor, not as my main career, but to open more doors into scientific diving. Becoming an instructor makes me more valuable in the diving community and I really enjoy gaining more knowledge and experience. My ultimate life goal is to save the Galapagos Islands and I hope to do this through scientific research and diving.

For more information about the PADI Divemaster course here at DXDivers, click here.

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